Is AAPL All Grown Up?

“Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up.”

— Tom Stoppard

1st apple computer sold

Short answer?  Yep…

AAPL missed quarterly expectations and has been summarily punished.

I suspect that’s not just because of a revenue shortfall in the eyes of Wall Street… but rather because AAPL has matured.  It’s no longer the hyper growth stock that everyone has known it to be.  It will take some longer than others to realize it… but they will.

AAPL is now a value stock.  Too big and too little innovation post Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace).  It will trade between value and premium… Think more INTC or MSFT volatility… and less GOOGL or FB.

For now, price has declined right into long term support, so it will be interesting to see how the stock acts here… just don’t expect it to return to it’s old ways of constantly creating new all time highs.


AAPL Q 28 April 2016


AAPL M 28 April 2016


AAPL W 28 April 2016

Daily — Doesn’t look like there’s much chance that price won’t crack this low…

AAPL D 28 April 2016

 What will nullify my contention that AAPL is now destined to act very much like other good, but enormous companies?  New products that become the “must have” gadgets.

The self-driving car…

Personal assistant robots…

PATVs (personal air travel vehicles — yes I made that up)…

At any rate, the company needs the next new new… and it doesn’t seem like it’s any where to be found…


Here’s a good article [Apple: The End of An Era] from Seeking Alpha that speaks to the fundamental problems being fleshed out in the price.


The Trader


Stalk Candidate UEIC Update 8 April 2016

Universal Electronics [UEIC]

Weekly Chart


UEIC W Closing 8 April 2016



Daily Chart

UEIC D Closing 8 April 2016




Current Trend (W): Up

Abv/Below Value Zone: Above

Next Scheduled Report Date: 5 May 2016

52 Week High: $65.81

52 Week Low: $40.28

Current Relevant Resistance: $64.00

Current Relevant Support: $61.20
Recent Close: $62.18

Comment: UEIC is showing one of the best Bull Flag/Triangle patterns I’ve seen in a while.  Look for a convincing break of the descending trendline as a buy signal.  A strong break below the horizontal support line signals the pattern has failed and an exit is in order.

As always, whatever you do control your risk.


The Trader




Simple Trading Update GLD As of Close 8 February 2016

The gold ETF GLD is showing life after several years of trending downward.  I’ve written about GLD multiple times (most recently here, here, here and here).  Each time I talked about the monster downtrend and how the yellow stuff needed a big move to the upside (and above TAOST Value Zone) before one could even consider a purchase… Looks like the global political and economic turmoil that is our current situation has generated just such a move.  That’s not to say that the trade is “automatic”… But it certainly means it makes sense to keep your eye on the shiny stuff…

GLD W 8 Feb 2016



The Quarterly GLD chart shows a strong reaction to a pretty big technical support zone…

GLD Q As of 8 Feb 2016 Close

As always, mind your risk and use a bit of common sense.


The Trader