Who Am I #2

The power of thinking like an underdog

This is the second in our Early Underdogs series.

  • I was born into a family in a traditional, stable business… not poor, but also not rich
  • My father wanted me to enter the boring  (but profitable) family business, but I had more artistic pursuits in mind
  • I lost my mother in my teens
  • I was forced to leave school at 16 and go live with a widowed, childless aunt
  • Plagiarism was rampant, but the only route to commercial success during my early years.   I refused to comply
  • I joined the military briefly, but was dismissed after becoming ill
  • I spent much of my early professional years laboring in near poverty and living on the benevolence of patrons
  • I lost my wife and the mother of my children in her early 30s and when they were very young
  • While my work was fairly commercial during my lifetime, it was often mocked and rejected by the elites
  • I didn’t realize any substantial commercial success until I was approaching 50 years old
  • I “realized” my biggest success posthumously

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