Who Am I #3

The power of thinking like an underdog

We present another in our early underdog series…

  • I was born into poverty.
  • My family became refugees when I was 12 years old.
  • My father died of tuberculosis when I was 15 and I was forced to leave school to support the family.  I was never able to return to school.
  • When I left school to support my family, I had no connections… no skills… no chance.
  • I finally obtained an industrial job and worked 16 hours a day for almost 10 years before I was able to start my own company.
  • My first businesses were very pedestrian
  • Rivals and observers underestimated me for many years… now I have bested both of these groups….
  • I am famously understated in my dress, but not as much in my personal real estate choices.
  • Today, I have my hand in a “few” successful businesses.

Who am I?