2017 Simple Market Outlook

simple market outlook

A very Happy New Year folks.

If you follow my Facebook Page… and you should follow my Facebook Page, you may have noticed that I posted a number of charts overnight/today.  I’ve taken that a bit further and completed a video including a look at each of the symbols as a way of providing a simple market outlook as we get the year started.  

There’s no prediction here.  Just an assessment of where we are… and what’s most likely as we move into 2017.

Make no mistake… you can improve your financial life this year.  Starting now… Today… 

It starts with paying attention to the overall market generally…  and paying specific attention to the things in your portfolio.

Here’s our work to help you with the first part of that.

The list includes:

Security Starts at
SPX — S&P 500 :50
DJIA — Dow Jones Industrial Average 4:38
COMPQX — Nasdaq Composite 6:26
QQQ — Nasdaq 100 ETF 8:33
MDY — S&P Midcap 11:28
SLY — S&P Small Cap 14:44
DJ Transports Average 18:44
XOIL — Lt Sweet Crude Oil Index 22:30
XLE — S&P Energy ETF 26:30
Water Utilities 28:40
GLD — Gold ETF 31:57
EUR/USD 36:12
VIX — CBOE Market Volatility Index 38:20
AAPL — Apple Inc. 41:08
CMG — Chipotle Mexican Grill 44:39
FB — Facebook 47:52
AMZN — Amazon 50:35
NFLX — Netflix 53:15
GOOG — Alphabet, Inc. 55:40

Head on over and have a look.

Here’s the link.


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