Trading Myth #53 -- It's Impossible

The Myth: It's impossible to time the market/trade (especially short term) profitably...
The Simple Truth: Trading profitably is not easy... and it doesn't happen as quickly as most people would like... but it's not impossible... not at all.

In fact, if you make the required changes to yourself, learn the basics and implement a simple, profitable, replicable strategy, you can make money... a great deal of money.

Notice I put changes to oneself at the top of the list of things that need to happen in order to make money trading.
That wasn't by chance.  I put that there because it's the real secret to trading success. 

Not a particular and/or fancy strategy...
Not cooperative markets...
Not following the trades of the latest guru or system...

Do you want the way to change your trading prospects?  Take these steps:

  1. Open your mind to a different way of thinking about the world, about business and, especially, about your market activity. 
  2. Understand, accept and appreciate that losses are a necessary part of any profitable trading strategy.  They're part of the expenses of your trading business.
  3. And commit to always and at every turn limiting/controlling your risk.
Embracing these 3 principles alone can help propel you toward extensive trading profits.

And help you kill that pesky impossibility myth for yourself.