A Day In The Life Of A Simple Day Trader

Almost 5 years ago I put together a "day in the life of" style video.  My trading has changed a bit, but I still use this tool and take this mental approach.

Here's that video along with a TOC for it below.

A Day In The Life Of A Day Trader
[From September 2014 -- In 2019 the setups and tactics remain the same... But I am more aggressive. And limit my day to the first 90 minutes of the cash market.]

In this video I walk you through a day trading [watching] the ES using a low timeframe (3 minute) and featuring short, hourly updates. It shows some of the most important requirements of trading such as the need for discipline, patience and judgement all during a day that is, for the most part, pretty slow.

Table of Contents [Times hyperlinked on YouTube]
0:24 -- Beginning
2:17 -- Explanation of window and chart watched
4:18 -- 10am update; we find price testing intermediate resistance
6:13 -- 11am update; We see price showing a bit of an upside breakout
8:15 -- 12pm update; Action a bit more muted... I talk about spending the better part of the day watching... which I no longer do incidentally. Normally done by 11am.
10:38 -- 1pm update; More sideways action, but a bit more analysis.
12:58 -- 2pm update; Still in a narrow range... Answered question, "When there's nothing to do, what do you do?" Also discussed 1 of my biggest impediments in my early trading.
16:37 -- 3pm update; Classic chart pattern
19:25 -- 4pm update; Linear Regression Channel won out... I also talk about how many trades I like to take each day... which has changed incidentally.