Simple Trading Ain't Necessarily Easy Trading

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

--Albert Einstein
“90% Win Rate!”
“No Loss Trading!”
“1-2-3 Trading!”

The ads and claims seem to be everywhere. 

Bullet points, step by step processes that are guaranteed to produce overnight, linear, spectacular results. The trading profits hack (shortcut).

If it were easy, everyone would do it… and consequently squeeze most of the profit out.

Of the insanely successful entrepreneurs, lawyers and surgeons you know (or know of), how many do you think signed up for their craft because they were told it was a simple, easy way to financial freedom? Most of them labored in multiple failed startups, school and/or apprenticeships for many years before finding success.

Trading is no different.

The primary ingredient in the “magic” elixir that produces consistent trading profits is experience... with a healthy dose of Emotional Capital™.  

It’s not a magic indicator… 
It’s not an automated system… 
It’s not even the souped up computers used by high frequency traders.  

So stop looking in those places and set about obtaining that experience... and Emotional Capital™.

Or keep looking those same places… and continue replicating the results you’ve seen so far.

Am I right or just dead wrong?  

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