Getting Paid What You Deserve - The Art of Simple Trading

"The sun is setting on the world of traditional work."

J. Rifkin


You never get paid what you deserve. It’s illogical actually. If your job pays you and your colleagues what you’re worth, it will be difficult for the company to make a profit.

What company would do that?

No… you never get paid what you deserve. Rather, you get paid what other people think you're worth.

Defining what you get paid in your job as what other people think you’re worth is a useful flip that makes it all make sense… kinda.

Just think… instead of feeling undervalued or disrespected, you can focus on creating a reputation and a work product that others believe is worth more.

The same is true if you sell a product… a product different from your labor that is. Since people don't make buying decisions based on what's good for you--they act based on what they see, need, want and/or believe.

Unfortunately, we frequently sell ourselves short. We don't do the hard task(s) of building something unique… and if we do build said thing, we fail to demand compensation commensurate with the value created. It's a form of hiding.

Don’t hide.

Better yet, opt out and find a way to pay yourself what you deserve.