“Just because you're hungry, you can’t cook twice as fast by turning the heat up twice as high.”
-The Trader

Virtually everyone who comes to me with a desire to learn how to take money from the market atm eventually gets around to asking me for the “accelerated” method. The way that will allow them to start making money by next month… If not next week.

Doesn’t work that way.

Just because you have a life need and want the market to provide an outsized income so that you can meet that need doesn’t mean that it will.

In fact, it normally means just the opposite.

The more you ask of the market, the less it gives.

So what does work?

Profitable trading is simple.

Buy at 1 price, sell at a higher price; Sell short at 1 price, buy back at a lower price.

And time both properly.

Everything else is noise…

To the extent you’re focused on how much money you need by the end of the week or month… or how much money you need to “make back,” or all the fancy things you can do with your profits or any of a ton of other things,  you’re distracted from what really matters (your simple trading process) and you’re gonna lose money. At best, you’ll break even which, given the risk, is effectively a loss.

It really is that simple.

It takes as long as it takes.