Daily Simple Trading Habit #2

"Everyone's favorite breakfast dish can be prepared in a moment's time with just a few ingredients and minimum effort." --Marcus Samuelsson
Daily Simple Trading Habit #2 - Make breakfast your primary and most substantial meal

Hunger is an interesting thing. Not the hunger of the destitute of course… that’s neither funny nor interesting really. I’m talking about self imposed hunger because you “forgot” to eat (I used to be guilty of this one quite a bit). Or maybe you think you perform better on an empty stomach (you don’t by the way). 

Whatever your reason (or rationale as it were) for not prioritizing the first meal of the day, cease and desist… or is it begin? Whichever it is, start eating (a good healthy) breakfast at least if you want to step into the electronic ring with the likes of me. To get going and work at your peak, your body needs fuel. And 93 octane please (I don't know what the electric equivalent is). 

Rather than just grabbing a cup of coffee (and maybe that ill advised pastry) on your way to the office (or downstairs as the case may be😏), take a few minutes to actually eat a good meal or drink a protein smoothie at least — even if while in motion. I’ve tried it both ways and taking the time to eat a good breakfast leads to better productivity hands down. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should swing the pendulum too far in the other direction and make a pig of yourself every morning. That will tell on you as well… just sans the growling stomach… or maybe a different growl? 

But I digress… 

Eat a sensible breakfast and be done with it.

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