Did You Do The Work?

It's silly to think of going to an investing club meeting and talking extensively about a stock you haven’t reviewed.

More silly: Going to a high-level philosophy seminar and participating in the discussion without reviewing the scholarly work first.

And finally, no one wants a surgeon operating on them if she hasn't gone through the years of study and apprenticeship that the path requires.

Similarly, it makes no sense to me when people think that they can just show up and “play” in the field of trading.

No study…

No practice…

No work.

A first hurdle: Are you even aware of what the “work” is? What the tasks are? What practice is more likely to help yield good results.

The more “professional” your field, the more likely it is that people know what's required for skill development… Or at least they think they do.

The “work” isn't merely reading… or practice… or even experience. It's all of these things… and several more.  The work is what I call it when you do the difficult tasks of learning to think with the best, to practice with the foremost, but accept defeats with the humility of the least.

The work exposes you to both the history as well as the current state of the art. If you don’t do that work, why expect the results of those who do?