Trading developed many years ago as a way for civilized people to achieve higher utility through exchange. 

Complicated trading originated as a way for traders to not only show off their “brilliance” but to also possess a scarce, coveted ability.

Over time, as interest in trading has become more widespread (it's an extremely profitable undertaking if you can do it well)... a variation of the game is becoming more common: trading strategies and the services that teach them that are complicated, expensive… and no better than a coin flip. Actually, sometimes worse than a coin flip.

The sellers of these strategies hide behind the thinking that is, "If you need to ask to understand it, then you can’t do it. If you can’t do it, you should pay me to do it for you."

And so we have innumerable people that are spending far more money for dramatically inferior [though complicated] advice and guidance.

What's for sale isn't performance or profitability. Merely exclusive complexity.

They offer the customer the satisfaction of looking around at other traders in the community and saying, "yep, I'm here."

But it's a risky strategy, because sooner or later poor design, inappropriate risk management, and/or lousy execution communicates to the would be trader, "this just makes me broke and look stupid to boot."

And no one likes being broke while looking stupid.