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A Troubling 2 Bar Pattern – 30 June 2015

Today was a disappointing response to yesterday’s selloff… for bulls anyway.  There needed to be a much stronger surge back above support (now resistance).  As it is, these charts show stocks tried to rise generally… but failed pretty much in their resistance zones.


SP500 D 30 June 2015



DJIA D 30 June 2015


Nasdaq Composite

Nasdaq Composite D 30 June 2015


Dow Jones Transports

DJ Transports D 30 June 2015

Russell 3000


Russell 3K 30 June 2015


Russell 1000

Russell 1K Growth D 30 June 2015

For the record, the weekly picture hasn’t changed.  With the exception of the Transports, all of these indices remain in Weekly uptrends.  For how long is anyone’s guess…

Mind your risk…


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