“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

— Socrates


The Art of Simple Trading (TAOST) is a global, online financial newsletter, which provides professional insight into the U.S. stock market and Emini Day Trading mentorship.

New stock picks (Stalk Candidates) are recommended frequently for subscribers to consider, based on their individual investment objectives and risk tolerance. What sets us apart is the fact that we focus on the most important aspect of trading (risk management) by providing exact stop loss levels while leaving upside targets open. Subscribers are invited to use the Stalk Candidates and our commentary as informational guidelines in trading decisions, but always remember the most important determinant is price behavior… always has been… always will be.

Stalk candidates are drawn from proprietary scans of more than 6,000 stocks looking for candidates that most closely match each of our 16 fundamental and technical indicators for potentially explosive growth.

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Would you have bought Facebook below $20.00? Our subscribers did.

TAOST currently has subscribers in 6 countries (and counting).  Whether you want to become an electronic index futures day-trader, a swing trader or merely develop a better understanding of short-term price movement in order to improve the performance of your retirement accounts, TAOST is here to help.

For those ready to step up and into the world of online day trading, we welcome applications to our Black Level Product (only E-members and above can apply) where each day we provide guidance via our online trading room for a small group of entrepreneurs and other professionals with time flexibility.  That guidance includes intraday Support and Resistance levels (TAOST Points of Interest) on the securities we trade.  We also provide members with our proprietary intraday directional bias (honed over nearly 20 years in the markets) to help put their own trades into context. 

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This site was founded by a professional trader and educator (known around the site as The Trader) following nearly ten years in the institutional financial markets (Wall Street).  Since leaving the Street, The Trader founded a private trading vehicle through which he trades his own money.  He has also provided professional execution services to small mutual funds, fundamental hedge funds, and family offices.  The Trader is also the developer of a swing trading approach which he named Trinvesting™.  The term is an amalgamation of trading and investing.  This approach was developed to combat the common misconception that “investors” do not need to know technicals and charting since their approach is dominated by the “fundamentals.”  The Trader believes that the most important aspect of all trading is risk management and, as such, an understanding of the basics of price movement is indispensable.

As mentioned above, the Trader honed the simple trading strategies in equity index futures, currency futures and single stock options that he shares with readers and subscribers for nearly 20 years… they work.

By way of background, The Trader is a native North Carolinian who has lived in and/or traveled throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and several parts of Asia. Professionally, after earning his Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctorate degrees in a joint program, The Trader began his financial career at a major Wall Street firm.  He came to his senses in 2005 and left the Street to trade proprietarily. 

A fan of underdogs, The Trader enjoys collecting biographies, articles and stories of people and companies who have triumphed against seemingly insurmountable odds.


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