Ask The Trader – Travis asks about ONVO and TGRO and how to invest $500 per week

Travis writes:

“Been keeping my eye on ONVO and TGRO.. any of those decent choices? Gonna start putting about 500$ a week into stocks, any recommendations?” ONVO’s chart looks pretty good… study it to look for the best (low risk) entry. If price gets back below the $7.90 area, wait for the stock to return to a bullish bias before looking for a long position again.


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TGRO doesn’t come up on my charts which is not a great sign.

As for putting $500/week into stocks… That’s probably the wrong approach for a couple of reasons…

1) it doesn’t sound like you are in a position to have the kind of information required to invest fundamentally…properly anyway (don’t feel bad… most retail investors don’t… they just refuse to recognize/accept it);

2) you’re likely better off looking to trade an etf or 2 on a swing basis. Trading as a chartist allows you to choose a smaller timeframe which in turn lowers your per trade risk and raises your compounding potential… the holy grail of trading to the extent one exists…

Good trading…

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