is in the eye of the beholder… and sometimes not even there.  Beauty is also dependent on time.

Take a look at Office Depot [ODP].  Personally, I think the stores are all crap, but there are some buyers who beg to differ, so…

Here is the Weekly

ODP W 10 Dec 2014

Obviously the stock is in a decent uptrend.  Longs can be considered unless price pulls back and pushes below $5.20.

ODP D 10 Dec 2014

The Daily Chart suggests a long signal triggered in recent days.  A long around today’s close or below with a Stop down around $6.15 looks like an interesting setup.


By the way… remember when I said beauty is in the eye of the beholder and time also has a hand in it?  Well have a look at where this stock has been and you might not be  excited about it anymore… signal or no.

ODP WII 10 Dec 2014

Good trading.