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Bonus Simple Stalk Candidate 27 May 2016

I’ve already posted this week’s free stalk candidate, but I was rummaging around in my scans and saw something that I just had to pass on…

simple trading

Why is Regal Entertainment Group so interesting?

  1. The structure above is 1 of my favorites and is perfectly set up to move higher… It’s essentially
  2. Over the last year, price visited and bounced off strong support in the $16 area
  3. Here are some of the Metrics:
    1. 52 Week High $23.22 or about 10% away
    2. 52 Week Low $16.32
    3. EPS $1.19
    4. P/E 17.85
    5. Dividend Yield 4.14%
    6. Market Capitalization: $3.3 Billion
    7. Short Interest Ratio (Days to cover) 19.1
    8. Short Percent of Float 20.66%
    9. Current Weekly Trend: Up
    10. Relative to TVZ: Above
    11. Current Relevant Resistance: $21.82
    12. Current Relevant Support: $19.75
    13. Recent Close: $21.24
    14. TAOST Ultimate Stop: $16.00
    15. Next Report Date: 4 August 2016

Points 6 and 7 are enough to make me think there’s a chance for Regal to explode higher in the near term.  Shorts provide some of the best fuel to the upside… and a stock that has almost 21% of its shares lent out for shorts combined with a need for almost a month of trading days (based on average volume) suggests any little thing could put shorts on the wrong side of a big move.

Keep this one on your radar.



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