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Break That Rule Again?

USO W 25 March 2015 Close

On January 17th of this year, I published a post suggesting it might be time to take a countertrend trade in oil via USO.  The simple setup I was looking for was a break of the previous week’s high of $18.61.

That didn’t happen but, astute traders would have simply trailed their buy stops down and ultimately been taken into a long trade at $18.07 with a stop just below $16.30.

That trade would have been stopped out last week.  However, it would have been stopped out just as price was in the process of forming a new trigger bar for a long setup on the weekly chart with an entry level just above $16.80.

That trade triggered on Monday.

While it’s had a nice move already, if I am right about this bounce, there is plenty more in store.

I like swing entries here with a stop just below $15.61.  Be sure to position size appropriately.

In terms of an initial target, I like the $27.50 area.

Hope it helps.

Good trading.


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