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Welcome to The Art of Simple Trading E – Member Homepage.  Here you will find a growing list of links to educational videos, articles and other resources all designed to help you move along the road to profitable trading.  We add new material frequently, so be sure to check back often.

To get you started, this is the most important investing video you will ever see… in all modesty.

While we’re at it, allow us to introduce TrInvesting™… the incredibly profitable combination of trading and investing… “Think like an investor… Act like a trader.”

And finally, TrInvesting™ in action on Facebook (FB) (from October 24, 2012).

Below you will find links to the different sections on our site.  Our goal is to translate trading and trading-related concepts into simple, bite-size pieces for new traders.  Be sure to let us know if something is unclear/you need further explanation on a topic.  We can explain most things a number of different ways and, more often than not, if you need additional explanation, someone else may as well.

  • Ask The Trader — Stocks and other securities submitted by members for our review.
  • TAOST Library — Books that we consider important for new, intermediate and veteran traders.  Hyperlinked for your convenience… links do not generate affiliate income for us.
  • The Power of Market Structure — Along with risk management, arguably the most important tool in your trading arsenal.
  • U.S. Cost of Living — Interactive graphic showing what residents of different states spend on things like homes, utilities, gas, college tuition, etc.  Created by online accounting degrees.