GOOG – “I Think 2015 Is Going To Be Disastrous”

Not my words…

These are apparently the words of a former Googler interviewed for an interesting article I just read.  The important points are as follows:

  • Slowing search — Google’s core business (search) is slowing.  The culprit?  Mobile… Google still owns desktop search… but mobile?  Not so much
  • Amazon — Increasingly people search for products on Amazon directly as opposed to first searching on Google only to be led to Amazon anyway.  Between September 2013 and September 2014 Amazon’s desktop search increased 47%
  • Confusion in the ranks — there is no official hiring freeze… but a number of Google employees apparently think there is
  • International Assault — the company was “forced” to close its news aggregator in Spain and the European Union wants to break the company into Google pieces
  • YouTube Competition — Facebook is going after video advertising… and has the raw ingredients to win the battle.

So is it all over for Google?

Maybe… maybe not…

The good news is Simple Traders don’t have to rely on the nebulous nature of fundamentals and information flow.

GOOG W 22 Dec 2014

Looking at the chart above, Simple Traders will have no interest in being long the stock unless price can get up around $560.

Analysis complete.

There is nothing more to do except maybe adding Google to your Stalk List if you have an ongoing interest in the stock.

Good trading.