Got talent? Good luck…

bull's eye“…measures of ‘ability’ (like IQ) do a shockingly poor job of predicting future success.  Intelligence, creativity, willpower, social skill aptitudes like these are not only profoundly malleable (i.e., they grow with experience and effort), but they are just one small piece of the achievement puzzle.”

 — Heidi Grant Halvorsen

If you have read anything we have written over the last couple of years, you know that we are card carrying members of the Talent is Overrated club (see the TAOST Library).  Like Ms. Halvorsen’s post suggests, we too think discipline, hard work and persistence are more important ingredients than raw talent when making a success pie.  And she has the numbers to back it up.

More often than not, it seems to us that the assertion that someone else has innate talent or skill is more for self-absolution than recognition of that person’s ability.  It lets you off the hook.  It releases you from your duty to be relentless.

The point?  Stop self-defining yourself as incapable of learning something new… of being something new.

Remember, no one could until someone did.