Is REGN a short here?

 REGN - W - 3 May 2013

Dion from Brooklyn, NY asks if this is a good area to start looking to short REGN. 

The short (no pun intended) answer from our perspective is no. 

As the chart shows, REGN has had an incredible run higher over the last several weeks.  In fact, the stock has been moving higher over the last several YEARS.  Obviously, buyers could lose interest and the stock could reverse and head lower at any moment.  However, all available evidence suggests that the stock will suffer minor pullbacks at worst and then continue higher.  This is, in essence, the opposite of AMD from the previous post.   REGN is in a VERY strong uptrend and absent a confirmed reversal, getting short is imprudent at best. 

We don’t recommend shorting individual stocks, but if we did, we would definitely avoid the short side of stocks that look like this.