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Hello Potential Community Member:

You’ve found your way to our site, probably because you’re interested in learning more about trading.  Perhaps you found us via search… or someone forwarded you a link to to a post or any of a number of other ways.  Whatever brought you here, Welcome!

By way of introduction, this site is  It’s designed to explain trading terms and concepts in a way that is useful to the person who has never been exposed to the world of trading.  It’s also meant to act as a safe place to ask questions… you know the one, the burning question you have, but that you fear is too simple to be asked in public or to a professional.  This is the place to ask those questions.  I love them and answer them for the community via written and/or video blog posts as I’ve found that almost every question asked is one that others wonder about, but are either incapable or afraid of asking…  You didn’t really think you were the only person with that question did you? 

Most important, The Art of Simple Trading is about getting back to trading based on price behavior… first, last and foremost.  That’s how the original best traders got it done… if it was good enough for them, it’s definitely good enough for us.

Here are the answers to a few questions you might have at this point…

  • How much does registration/community membership  cost?  $0 for the Basic Level Email List.  There’s no charge for our informative blog posts, videos and pages.  I do charge for my swing trading and intraday trade calling service, but there is no requirement that you sign up for that to benefit from the Basic Level.
  • Do you sell my email address?  Nope.  I won’t rent, lend or any other form of unauthorized sharing of your email address.  I also don’t have a family of websites among which I share your email address.  It’s just this site.  That said, if you can’t get over the fear of me selling your email, there is a simple solution.  Set up a new, free email address just for trading related activities.  Problem solved.
  • WHY are you doing this?  Several reasons… I want to build a community of traders… I think trading is the best business in the world… It’s my small contribution to the lack of options for the unemployed and “unemployable…”  It’s also my sincere belief that the Retirement Crisis is real.  I hope that what you read/learn here will inspire you and help you move toward securing a comfortable retirement for you and your family.
  • What happened to your old subscription based site?  I replaced it with this site.  Too many people were getting hung up on the modest subscription fee, so I decided to reconstitute the site (reduce the associated costs) to remove that impediment.  Finally, I found that our free content (blog) was being wholesale copied in a number of places.  Instead of making all of the content part of a subscription, I made it free, but require you join our list in order to control access.  I anticipate the Basic Level will eventually become a paid level, but for now, it’s completely free.
  • Do you still sell TAOST Indicators?  No… I may again at some point, but for now it’s simpler to avoid selling anything other than subscriptions on the site.
  • Is this site for DayTraders only?  Nope… in fact, the site is primarily for investors and swing traders.  The trading service is for Day Traders, but again, it is of no use to most of the people who can benefit from this site.
  • What’s the difference between the Basic Level and and the paid options?  Joining the email list gets you access to lots of content.  It also gets you each month’s free trade idea. The paid option(s) go deeper and are designed to help you improve your investing and risk management and, most important… to make money.

If you like what you find once you become a member of the community, share the site with folks you know who are interested in learning about trading.  The best advertising is referral,  thus I limit my efforts to  word-of-mouth… so talk about TAOST!

At any rate and either way, thanks for your time and I hope to see you around the site.


Good trading,

The Trader


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