Simple Trading DDD – As of 18 May 2015 Close

DDD W As of 18 May 2015 Close

Current Trend (W): Down

Abv/Below Value Zone: Below

Next Scheduled Report Date: 29 July 2015

52 Week High: $69.56

52 Week Low: $20.82

Current Relevant Resistance: $27

Current Relevant Support: $19.84

Recent Close: $22.79

Comment:  I last mentioned DDD about $10 ago in December 2014.  I said then that I couldn’t imagine looking to get long the stock unless it got up around $54.

Apparently it thought I said $24.

Just kidding… I know the stock cares almost as much as the rest of the world what I think… which is to say not at all…

Still, above you will find what I think looks like some semblance of support.  I’m not generally a fan of support and resistance levels from so far back, but the alternative is to classify DDD as in uncharted territory… which would be a clear misstatement of fact.  I obviously have no idea if any of the buyers who managed to push the stock through resistance in mid 2012 are still around and, more important, whether they still care at these levels.  But it’s as good a place as any to watch the price action closely for signs of a reversal.

On the upside, we clearly need to see price break through the lows of the most recent congestion area before getting comfortable that there is real buying going on.  That said, personally, I wouldn’t consider a long play unless the stock can comfortably clear and hold $40.  There are better ways to deploy your trading capital.

For what it’s worth.


The Trader