Simple Trading Dow Component WMT As of 19 June 2015 Close

WMT W As of 19 June 2015 Close

Current Trend (W): Down

Abv/Below Value Zone: Below

Next Scheduled Report Date: 18 August 2015

52 Week High: $90.97

52 Week Low: $71.70

Current Relevant Resistance: $77.00 to $81.00

Current Relevant Support: $67.50 to $71.70 — identified on chart above.

Recent Close: $72.74

Comment: WMT recently broke its 52 Week low and is facing a critical test over the next few days.  We could easily see a decent bounce here, but I’m not inclined to believe a change in direction back to the upside unless price can breach and then hold above the $81.00 area.

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