Simple Trading MTX As of 22 May 2015 Close

MTX W As of 22 May 2015 Close

Current Trend (W): UP

Abv/Below Value Zone: Inside

Next Scheduled Report Date: 5 August 2015

52 Week High: $77.95

52 Week Low: $56.37

Current Relevant Resistance: $62.00

Current Relevant Support: $69.70

Recent Close: $67.60

Comment: MTX is a barely above Small Cap (at $2.4 Billion) stock that looks geared for a move higher.  It’s struggling to make a directional decision at the current price level (horizontal line).  Multiple additional support levels are noted by the numbers 1-3.

I suspect price will bounce and take off through the downtrend line which will, incidentally, present a good entry signal.

Have fun.


The Trader