Simple Trading SPY As of 10 June 2015 Close

SPY W As of 10 June 2015 Close

Current Trend (W): Up

Abv/Below Value Zone: Above

Next Scheduled Report Date: N/A

52 Week High: $213.78

52 Week Low: $181.92

Current Relevant Resistance: $213.78

Current Relevant Support: $204.12

Recent Close: $210.95

Comment: A bit premature as the week is not yet in the books, but we got a bounce before testing support down at $204.  The buying today was consistent and strong over the course of the day.  That said, be aware that the June equity index (eg ES, YM, etc.) futures roll to September tomorrow morning so that may have had some impact in a news light environment.  Still, the intermediate price structure has changed back to the upside for the time being.  Watch $211.42

Have fun.


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