Simple Trading SPY As of 5 June 2015 Close

SPY W As of 5 June 2015 Close

Current Trend (W): Up

Abv/Below Value Zone: Above

Next Scheduled Report Date: N/A

52 Week High: $213.78

52 Week Low: $181.92

Current Relevant Resistance: $213.78

Current Relevant Support: $204.12

Recent Close: $209.77

Comment: A lot of talk about breaking the week ended 29 May 2015 low at $210.20 last week.

“Is this the beginning of the end of the great bull run?”

“Should I get short here?”

I’ve said it before… I’m saying it again… relax.  The uptrend doesn’t begin to be at risk until price can get down through support in the $204.00 area.  Before that?  Long setups on lower timeframes are to be taken.

Hope it helps.


The Trader



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