Simple Trading Stalk Candidate – LTC – 21 March 2014

Simple Trading Stalk Candidate

Entry: Buy setups and triggers between $34.30 and $40.68.

Suggested Initial Stop Loss: $34.29

Structure Nullified:  If price breaks down through the TAOST Ultimate Stop (TUS).

Re-entry: If stopped out and entry setup presents again before overall long structure violated.

Company Profile (via Reuters) — Market Cap as of 21 March 2014 $1.32 Billion > LTC Properties, Inc. a health care real estate investment trust (REIT). It invests in senior housing and long term care properties through property lease transactions, mortgage loans and other investments. Its primary senior housing and long term healthcare property types include skilled nursing properties (SNF), assisted living properties (ALF), independent living properties (ILF) and combinations thereof.