Simple Trading Stalk Candidate — NFG — 13 June 2014

Simple Trading Stalk Candidate

NFG is a the newest Simple Trading Stalk Candidate.  The stock is positively structured on multiple timeframes and looks prepared to challenge (exceed?) the 2014 and all time high.

More specifically, I like an entry right here around Friday’s close of $74.64 with a stop where indicated by the red line.  The Ultimate Stop is just above $68.  Remember the Ultimate Stop is where you stop taking long signals as the structure has broken down and is no longer on your side.  Your target is an explosion through the top yellow line (the all time high).  A more specific target I leave to your personal approach and risk tolerance.

Here is a zoomed in version of the same chart…

simple trading stalk candidate

As always, risk less… there are plenty more ideas where this one came from.