Simple Trading Stalk Idea: INFA 12 February 2014

A big part of the reason we left NYC was weather related.  We initially moved to Miami, Fl which was fun, but had it’s own weather related issues.  We opted to become halfbacks and moved to Charlotte, NC.  The thought was 4 seasons, but relatively mild winters… winner.

Well… like trading, there are no guarantees when it comes to weather…

So we find ourselves unable to reach the office today and thus are away from our trade station. Not fun.

As a result, we’ve decided to post several potential stalk ideas this afternoon. We hope you like/find them useful.

The first is Informatica (INFA):

simple trading stalk candidates

We like that the stock pulled back to the 200 Day EMA support and is bouncing. We also like that the higher timeframes are supportive.  We would stalk the stock for long setups and  entry triggers unless/until it drops below the most recent swing low ($38.11).

Tell your peeps...