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1 Key Simple Trading Tool: Persistence

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This article is a repost from from 23 June 2011.

My youngest son is the definition of stub… uh… persistent…

He’ll attack a problem/challenge until he defeats it. I’ve watched him battle obstacles for extended periods of time with absolutely no loss of focus.

He’s one and a half.

Lately I’ve noticed him doing what most of us ultimately did as children…trying different approaches to overcoming impediments (usually his parents). I’m both proud (and a little dismayed) to report his results are improving.

Albert Einstein once said,  “only a fool does the same thing over and over and expects different results.”  That’s paraphrased, but you get the point.

Are you repeatedly taking the same approach to accumulating a retirement nest egg with the same less than optimal outcomes?

Have you found that next Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, etc. that’s going to make you rich in a single trade?

Are you able to “win” more than you lose on your stock market trades?

Have you been able to find that portfolio manager that delivers positive absolute returns year after year as opposed to the relative return nonsense?

Are you “trading” your 401K properly?

Do you know what pre retirement stage you’re in?

Are you using a 1 strategy fits all approach to your retirement investing?

Do you have a hyper-compounding strategy in place?

Are you “all in” every time your state lottery goes above $10 million?

I suspect all of your answers to these questions fall on the wrong side of profitability (otherwise you likely wouldn’t have made it to the end of my over-abundance of questions).

So what’s the answer?

It’s simple really… find and employ a simple, profitable, replicable process.

Then rinse and repeat. 


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