How To Swing Trade MRK

Daily Chart

how to trade MRK

Merck shows as a bit indifferent on the daily chart, but the higher timeframes suggests there is reason to believe more upside is to come.


Monthly Chart

How To Swing Trade MRK

On the monthly we see that price already completed a major, bullish price pattern.  Still the rising trendline is a good place to look for a change of heart.


Weekly Chart

How To Swing Trade MRK

The weekly chart tells the same story as the monthly… just in a bit more detail.


Metrics As of Midday 27 April 2017:



The Trader Says:

The bottom line here is long setups can and should be taken on Merck unless the stock breaks down through the $58.50 area.  Use the daily chart or lower and place stops as suggested by the charts of those lower timeframes and you should be fine even if the stock heads lower.