The Oil & Gas Game

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It’s a very popular time to look for great oil plays.  With oil trading at multiyear lows and everyone from conglomerates to hedge funds feeling opportunistic, the space feels ripe for consolidation which means volatility and opportunity for traders.  I even took a couple of shots at making countertrend calls in USO here and here, the 2nd of which appears to be working still.

In light of the buzz around oil, I thought I would take a look at a couple of “best of” type lists to see what I think about the names.  As you will see, I run the names through my own filter to get a sense of their prospects… you should do the same.

From “11 Oil & Gas Stocks To Buy Now” from Louis Navellier’s Portfolio Grader…missing CHKM and PVR as they didn’t come up on my charting platform.  Grade changes included…

  • CQP – Looking for all time highs soon… Grade went from C to B…

CQP W As of 29 May 2015

  • PZE – Positively structured, but more choppy than I like… I would pass… Grade went from C to B.

PZE W As of 29 May 2015

  • VLO –  Same structure… much better action… this looks like a buy.  Grade C to B.

VLO W As of 29 May 2015

  • TNK – Positive… buy pullbacks.  Grade B to A…

TNK W As of 29 May 2015

  • VTNR – Grade C to B… really?  Dead money.

VTNR W As of 29 May 2015

  • MPC – Great structure… pullbacks should be bought.  Grade C to B.

MPC W As of 29 May 2015

  • WLB – A bit confusing.  Looks heavy, but… Grade C to B.

WLB W As of 29 May 2015

  • USEG – Money so dead maybe it can be reborn… Not.  Grade C to B completely killed the little credibility these grades might have had.

USEG W As of 29 May 2015

  • EURN — Looks good for a long.  Drop down to a lower timeframe and take a long setup.  Grade C to B.

EURN W As of 29 May 2015


And from “Five Billionaire-Owned Energy Stocks That Could Double On A Wave of M&A” found here.

  • PVA – Apparently George Soros owns almost 9% of the company and the company has put itself up for sale…  Based on the chart, ooks like maybe the company needs Soros to buy a bit more…

PVA W As of 29 May 2015

  • WLL – Another billionaire owns a lot of Whiting Petroleum… John Paulson owns more than 6% and this company has also put itself up for sale… Looks like a buyout is about the only way anybody is making money on the long side in this stock for the forseeable…

WLL W As of 29 May 2015

  • SSE — Carl Icahn owns 9% of this puppy… it was spun out of another pos oil stock (Chesapeake Energy).  Again, the only hope is a takeout…

SSE W As of 29 May 2015

  • OAS – Before I sound like a broken record… again… stay away unless you know something that no one else does…

OAS W As of 29 May 2015

  • KEG — Ditto.

KEG W As of 29 May 2015


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