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The Top 30 Video Gamers in The World Have All Made More Than $200,000


We have often said that young people who play video games could probably transition to short-term electronic trading fairly easily.  Many of the mechanical skills developed playing the likes of Painkiller and StarCraft: Brood War could be used in trading… hand-eye coordination, timing and strategizing.  The more important mental and emotional aptitudes would, of course, ultimately determine whether or not they could make money, but their comfort with computers, games and maneuvering online would give them a great start down the path to short-term trading mastery.  Interestingly, while gamers can clearly make good money, it pales in comparison to the potential from short-term trading.

While it’s fun (frustrating?) to look at the amount of money made by the top gamers, there is another interesting aspect insofar as trading is concerned.  Take a look again at the chart… notice how much of most players’ earnings come from a single game.  Most of the players made the overwhelming majority of their earnings from a SINGLE game.  Similarly, good short-term traders make the majority of their profits from a single strategy and/or security (in the case of index futures traders).

The ability (and freedom) to focus with great intent on a single area is one of the keys to unlocking superior performance… just ask the gamers.

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