What Does Art Have To Do With Simple Trading?

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I’m asked this question (what does art have to do with simple trading) frequently… and it’s a good one.

I won’t bore you with the extended (wordy) answer I generally give, but I’ll try to provide a more succinct one here.

The question itself normally comes from people who think that trading is all about numbers and formulas.  As a result, they think the name of this site is out of place.

I think about it this way…the architect must have an extraordinary grasp of a wide range of information including numbers and formulas. And yet, the most famous architects, the household names, specialize… so much so that the area of specialization becomes “simple” to him.

In fact, think of anyone so good at something that you marvel at their skill. You think of them as “artists”… the master carpenter… the skilled surgeon, the decorated chef… the best in their genre tend to make difficult look easy. In fact, one of the definitions of an artist is, “One who makes their craft a fine art.”

It’s my contention that your focus, attention and deliberate practice in a single area (Malcolm Gladwell style) makes the activity “slow down” for you… and, in fact, become…simple.  Thus the name of my company/this site and, more important, the foundational and abiding principle in my trading.

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Interestingly, there are no shortcuts to the artistry level.  You can’t hack your way to the elite level notwithstanding the advertisements that flood your inbox.  Sustainable high level performance comes from the 10,000 hours plus (yes, again with the Malcolm Gladwell) you devote to your craft.  If you’re incapable (or more likely, unwilling) to devote this time to developing your skill, you can’t really expect to compete with the best in your industry… and if that’s not your goal, then really, why bother?

There is NO difference between what’s required of you to develop skill as a world class whatever and that  required to become a Master Trader.  Practice, practice, and more practice.  Over time you will come to embody the simple trading principle… “The more you know, the less you need.”  And the less you need, the simpler your trading.

Trading elevated to artistry through simplicity… The Art of Simple Trading.