You Are What You Repeatedly Do

A man’s fortune has its form given to it by its habits.
— Anonymous

Do this… take out a piece of paper and make a list of everything you did today in a column.  Spare no details.  Start at the beginning with waking up and march right through to the very end of the day.  Include minutiae such as what you had for breakfast.  When you’re done, make another column right beside it and place an X in this column beside any activity if you had to really think to remember…things like getting a drink of water when thirsty or rubbing your head when sleepy.  When you are done, take a look through the list… the activities with Xs beside them are probably  habits (or at least done in a routinized way).

Habits are the activities we do without thinking about them.  The route we take to work everyday whether public transit as in NYC or via our own vehicle is likely so ingrained that changes along the way go unnoticed for days…sometimes weeks.  Our morning routine is so routinized that many of us struggle to recount with any degree of specificity what we do.

Most people think we humans are powerless against our habits.  We, on the other hand, tend to think our habits can be used to empower.  Specifically, habits can be used to correct and then drive your trading performance out of the realm of losses and into the realm of consistent profitability.

More on this in the next post.

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