10 Reasons You're Not Making $ In Your Trading


If you aren’t making money from your trading yet, you're not alone.  Lots of people who make up their minds to "give trading a try" find themselves unable to extract consistent profits in the early stages... or ever.

The good news is that the reasons most traders aren't profitable are fairly predictable and common.

More important, the reasons are correctable...

Once you identify the reason (or reasons) you're failing to make money in the market, you can move on to the all-important task of correcting what you’re doing wrong.  Once you do that, you can replace the bad habits that you may have developed with good trading principles (habits) that will help deliver consistent profits into your account.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re at a bad place in your trading at the moment. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme.  It pretty much can't be... not long term anyway.  And despite some of the nonsense you read online, there are no short cuts or hacks to "big money."

It takes time, effort and an ability to make mistakes, correct them and move on, in order to make money trading. Most important, it takes both the willingness and ability to change how you think to become a consistently profitable trader.  Like trading itself, developing skill as a trader is a process.  If you're sufficiently committed, as you correct your mistakes, improve and move on you will, eventually, start profiting consistently.

Here are 10 [+4 to grow on] of the most likely reasons you may not be making money yet as a trader and some tips on how you can overcome them…
  1. You're not actually trading... you're guessing
  2. You think you're an investor... you're likely not
  3. You're overtrading... I.e., trading too much
  4. You don't know or understand the key components of profitable trading... or maybe you don't even know there ARE such components
  5. You think you can trade without losses... you can't
  6. You don't truly understand risk... you think it's something it's not
  7. You're in a hurry... super deadly... profits happen in time... not on your time
  8. You don't have a process... you're random... and not just as a date
  9. You're listening to Jim Cramer et al... they don't know what they're talking about... although they do sound very sure of themselves
  10. You don't use stop losses... you're a major loss waiting to happen
  11. You're not disciplined... which may be why you don't use stop losses
  12. You're not patient... you're in a hurry remember?
  13. You're not focused -- too many securities... too many "approaches" Surely ONE of them will work, right?
  14.  You have no idea what you're doing... kinda the whole point of the previous 13.

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